Mental Health Infographics & Worksheets


Mental Health Awareness Infographic

The Mental Health Awareness infographic provides data about mental health within Canada. It was developed to bring awareness for Mental Health Awareness Month. Please download a free copy for yourself and share with those around you to help bring awareness to mental health.

Learn more about how mental health affects Canadians here.


End the Stigma Infographic

Stigma is one of the main reasons why people with mental illnesses don’t seek mental health services. Find out what you can do to end the stigma by download a copy of the infographic to share.

Learn more about how stigma affects people with mental illnesses here.


The Health Triangle Assessment Worksheet

Assess your own Health Triangle with the following assessment worksheet. The health triangle consists of three states which are interlinked.  If one state is out of balance it can affect the other two states.  The Health Triangle needs to balanced for an overall healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

Evaluate your Physical, Mental, and Social wellbeing by answering a few questions. Illustrate your own health triangle and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Download the assessment worksheet and start evaluating your Health Triangle now.

Read more to understand why the health triangle is important and how each of the states need to be balanced for an overall healthy lifestyle.


Window of Tolerance Infographic

What is the window of tolerance? What happens when you go outside of your window of tolerance? Find out more with this infographic.

Learn more about the window of tolerance here.


Window of Tolerance Symptoms Worksheet

What symptoms do you experience during hyperarousal and hypoarousal? Go through this exercise and identify what happens to you.

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