Ride Don't Hide 2019

I am doing this ride for anyone who also suffers in silence. For anyone who does not have a voice for their mental illness, I will be that voice for you! I want to spread awareness that mental illnesses are all around us and that you are not alone. I ride to bring mental health out into the open and to end the stigma!

Social Health...What?!

Most of you have probably heard of physical health, maybe you have even heard of mental health if your reading this blog.  But have you ever heard of social health?  What is the health triangle and why does it matter in your overall health? 

Suffering in Silence

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This is an opportunity for me to share about how I have been suffering with anxiety in silence for many years and bring awareness that mental health is happening all around us even if we don’t see it.

Could You Use a Mental Health Kit

There are first aid kits for medical emergencies. Why not an anxiety kits for stress or panic attacks? This is a very interesting idea that could be useful for people who have anxiety in public situations. Although this is not a cure for anxiety, it can certainly help reduce the symptoms of your anxiety.

Pay Attention to Your Window of Tolerance

The window of tolerance allows you to respond to demands and stress of everyday life without much difficulty.  It is the comfort zone in which we have the ability to self-soothe and self-regulate our emotional state.  When the balance is interfered with, either due to trauma or extreme stress, we end up leaving our window of tolerance and experience fight, flight, or freeze.